Apple is working on cloud gaming service using 5G networks

Apparently, Apple decided to catch up with Google, and started working on its own game streaming service.

Apple service

Patently Apple spotted the Apple patentcompany ”, which describes“ Implementing an interactive service for cloud-rendered games in 5G systems ”. Behind an obscure name lies a classic cloud gaming service in the spirit of Stadia, PS Now, and so on.

“The game is stored, launched and rendered onremote server, and the video results are transmitted directly to the computing device. This will allow users to access games regardless of the capabilities of the computing device, since the remote server is responsible for storing, executing and rendering the game, ”says the patent description.

Apple's doc also proposes a solutionsome popular problems faced by users of such services. The company plans to introduce a subscription to the service to maintain the infrastructure and create a mechanism to keep the connection speed stable as the user moves. Apple is also thinking about reducing click latency.

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