Apple has developed a special "spy" iPod for the US authorities

Apple more than once "quarreled" with the special services and the US authorities, refusing to hack terrorists' smartphones

and criminals. But it turns out there was a time when the company worked with the government on a secret gadget.

What was developed

Former developer told about "spy" iPodApple software by David Shayer. In 2005, he said, he was asked to "help two engineers from the US Department of Energy build a special iPod." In fact, these were not engineers, but employees of Bechtel, a major US defense contractor. Only four people knew about this project at Apple, they all had already left the company, and no documents remained.

The fifth generation iPod was chosen for modificationdue to the easy-to-open case and the large 60 GB hard drive. As planned, it was supposed to look like a regular player, but secretly record. This additional data written to the hard drive should not have been detected.

Contractors provided with an office at headquartersApple, and they spent months learning to modify an early version of the iPod's operating system. Shyer himself did not see the additional equipment, but believes that the player was used to make a "hidden Geiger counter" for conducting secret operations to collect evidence of radioactivity.

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