Apple canceled the announcement of the iPad 2022 on M2, but new items will still be

In September, Apple held a big announcement, which included four iPhone 14, AirPods 2 Pro, Apple Watch 8 and Apple

Watch Ultra.After that, rumors about another major event immediately spread on the Web, where new iPads and Macs based on the M2 chipset will be shown. It should happen in October, but Bloomberg writes that the premiere can be more than modest. According to journalist Mark Gurman, Apple “didn’t have enough money left” (yes, it happens) to hold another large-scale event, but at the same time, with a high degree of probability, a number of M2 new products will still be presented before the end of the year. .

Yabloko makes announcements from time to timeby simply publishing a press release. This usually happens with budget-level models, but there have been cases with Macs as well. Recall that the release of iPadOS 16 is already being postponed, which is now out of the influence of iOS 16. Officially, the company from Cupertino, as a rule, does not share its plans.

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    According to Bloomberg