Apple discourages its workers from unionizing

The Apple Store in Maryland became the first Apple retail store in the US to vote to unionize.

At the same time, the company continues to dissuade its other employees from such a decisionDiscuss

Multiple Apple Stores throughoutUS territories are currently in the process of unionization. For its part, retail chief Deirdre O'Brien argues that a union could actually harm employees and lead to "less opportunities" and "less attention to merit."

According to the New York Times, store employeesThe Apple Store in Towson, Maryland voted to unionize. This is the first Apple Store to unionize. According to some reports, about two dozen other stores are taking steps in this direction.

Apple Store employees in Towson named tacticscompany to destroy unions "disgusting". The New York Times reports that Apple's anti-union campaign included "management telling workers that unions once banned black employees from joining their ranks."