Apple has invested $500 million in Arcade and promises developers bonuses for exclusives

In March, Apple announced its Arcade service, popularly dubbed the “Netflix for video games.” The company decided to collect

in one place the best games for iOS, and give awaytheir gamers by subscription, freeing the projects from advertising and donations. Apple has already secured the support of developers, and it seems that it plans to attract gamers with exclusive offers.

What is known

According to the Financial Times (via MacRumors),then Apple spent $500 million on the games that will fill the Arcade. The company has already secured the support of Disney, Sega, Lego, Konami, WayForward and Klei, and now wants to make the studios' projects temporary exclusives of the gaming service. Developers who do not publish games on Android and other platforms will receive bonuses from the company.

The studios have not yet spoken about a contract with Apple.but they are already working on games that will become part of Arcade. For example, Revolution Software announced Beyond a Steel Sky, which will be released on both PC and iOS. Arcade will launch only in the fall of 2019, and the starting lineup promises 100 games.