Apple intends to combine the purchased Texture service with its other products.

Next year, Apple will introduce its new service, which is the distribution of magazines and

video content.Cupertino residents are considering the possibility of combining their new acquisition with other existing services that are available to users by subscription. If earlier this could only be guessed based on the forecasts of some experts and industry analysts, now The Information publication writes about this, citing sources close to the company’s management.

Apple services


The company recently announced that it has been signedagreement on the purchase of the popular service Texture. This is a subscription to many magazines, newspapers. The developer of the service is Next IssueMedia. Subscribers of the service receive for a small monthly fee access without restriction to all their favorite magazines and other publications. A combined Texture of more than two hundred of the best magazines in the world, giving access to its customers to a truly high-quality materials. Also, users have access to full editions of their favorite publications. In addition to their favorite magazines, subscribers can freely get acquainted with other areas, revealing something new and expanding their horizons and interests.

The Information writes that the unified servicewill provide users with the opportunity to use the popular Apple Music, the iCloud cloud service, to numerous magazines, and other periodicals, including from Texture. At first, and maybe all the time, the cost of a universal subscription will be significantly lower than if you have access to certain services. Thereby, the goal of popularizing innovative professional content distribution formats will be achieved.



Indeed, unifying many services ina single, and hanging on him an acceptable price tag, the company can catch two birds with one stone. At last, the Cupertinians will be able to monitor their television shows, which already now have a considerable assortment, and in the future it will only expand. Secondly, the overall attractiveness of subscriptions to different content from users will grow.

The development paradigm of the company seems to begradually change, and this decision is one of the first steps in the grand plans of Apple. Investing in such services is a long-term job. A content distributor is more than just producing electronics, where leaders can change in a couple of weeks. This type of activity is very profitable, this is QC selling fresh air, will always be in demand - bread and circuses! And now the company's revenues from the subscription format are steadily growing.

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