Apple Patent for Multi-User Support for Siri

One of the most desired features by iOS users, especially for the iPad, is multi-user support.

for Siri. However, Apple still hasn't added it.

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It looks like this may change. Apple’s new patent for voice processing has been published online. Technically, the patent is more about Siri's improved speech recognition, but there are some references to supporting multiple users.

The patent says Siri's ability to giveAccurate and personalized responses to different voices. Siri already knows how to distinguish the voice of the owner of the device from others, so this will be only an improvement of this function.

Siri will be able to distinguish between voices and in different waysrespond to different users. The system will attach its account to each vote, so the answers of the virtual assistant will be more personalized and accurate depending on who is contacting him.



This feature will be useful not only for families,who use the same iPad at all. Apple recently released its first HomePod smart column, and during its setup, the user decides whether to give access to their confidential information (like messages and plans on the calendar) for everyone.

Unfortunately, a patent does not mean that the technology will really be implemented.

Too bad Apple doesn't add support for so longmultiple users on iOS. This is a standard feature on a Mac. Many families use the same iPad or even iPhone at all, so the feature would be very useful. Alas, it does not seem that Apple is seriously working on this feature.