Apple tests Mac laptops with Face ID and touchscreen

Apple is testing
prototypes of Mac laptops with a touchscreen and Face ID, but this
does not mean that they will come out in the


According to the source, the company is testing very early prototypes. In addition to this information, there are also new details about charging AirPower and new AirPods.

Together with the new AirPods 2, Apple is testing Mac models with a Face ID and a touchscreen. However, do not wait for the release of a new Mac with a Face ID in the near future. These are just prototypes for testing.

We advise not to strongly believe this information. The company is working on adding
support for Face ID on the Mac lineup, as
The new system is more secure than Touch ID.On laptops, Face ID will beeven
It is more convenient than on smartphones, since authorization will take place immediately
After you open the lid of the laptop.

It's hard to say anything about it.Many people would be happy with a Mac laptop with
a touchscreen that would compete with Windows 10 laptops.
Apple on this
there is a different opinion about this.

In 2010, Steve Jobs said that laptops with touchscreens are "ergonomically terrible."

We've tested these laptops a lot, and they're just...uncomfortable. Touch surfaces should not be vertical. After some time of working in this position, your arm will fall off. It's inconvenient, it's terrible in terms of ergonomics.
Touch surfaces must be horizontal.
For laptops, we prefer trackpads becauseэто самый удобный способ взаимодействия. То же касается и Magic Mouse. Кроме того, мы придумали специальные игровые трекпады даже для пользователей наших компьютеров.

However, many users are happy with their touchscreen laptops.

Apple released
a lot of patents about touchscreens on Mac, which means the company at least
is considering this possibility.

Apple may launch a laptop tablet
with a touchscreen on which you can run both full-fledged programs and
mobile applications.