Apple will limit the collection of user data through Safari

When a user clicks on an advertising link, the online store begins to track which site

the person crossed over, how much time he spent in the store and what time he did it. It is believed that thanks to this data, online stores learn more about user preferences.

New feature in Safari anonymizesuser, without letting the store find out customer data. In addition, only the site on which the advertisement was made can measure transitions, that is, third-party aggregators will no longer see the conversion of advertising sites - only the advertiser and the place where the banner is located.

In addition, now Safari will be for twodays to send data on advertising clicks and conversions. According to Apple, this will make the advertising market more transparent, but will not affect the quality of the ad analytics.

It's not said yet whether Apple is going to expandthis function and other ways of collecting information about the user. Also from the message it is not clear, this update will work only in the web version of the browser or in the mobile too.