Apple's new premium smartphone iPhone Edition will appear after iPhone 7s

New Mac Otakara Resource Report Provides New Information About Apple's New iPhone 8 Premium Smartphone

in the current year. Since this model will belong to the high segment, Apple can safely call it the iPhone Edition by analogy with the Apple Watch Edition.

Now the company is busy testing possibleimplementations of the flagship iPhone Edition, differing in configurations and functionality. The options are more than varied - with the Home button and without it; housing made of glass, ceramic and aluminum; some prototypes even have an LCD display.



In parallel, technical tests are being conducted. The next step in the development process should be testing the appearance, but Apple has postponed this stage because it is busy acquiring the necessary materials.

In view of these circumstances, in addition to the iPhone 7s andiPhone 7s Plus, Apple may announce a new premium product in September this year, however, it may go on sale later than usual compared to previous iPhone models. One of the previous reports also talked about the delayed release of the iPhone 8, which gives reason to believe this information.

A Mac Otakara report also clarifies that the iPhone8 will receive a screen with a diagonal of the working surface of 5 inches, while the total diagonal of the OLED panel will be 5.8 inches. The remainder will be a functional area, the operation of which will be similar to the Touch Bar on new MacBook Pro models. Also, virtual buttons will be placed there - replacing the physical Home button.

This report also refutes earlier reports about installing a USB-C connector or dual display (like the LG V20 and HTC U Ultra) on a future iPhone model.