April 20 - Apple is preparing something interesting

Apple's next event will take place on April 20 in Cupertino, according to Siri. It's a little surprise, but the way it is

it was revealed was rather unusual.

We heard rumors about an Apple event in March, but they let us down. Of course, after that the focus shifted to April, but for some reason Apple was silent ... until now.

In fact, Apple hasn't announced anything yet.but Siri decided to tell everything in advance. As you can see in the screenshot that was taken a few minutes ago, the voice assistant already knows something and is revealing a secret to us.

Exclusive news came from MacRumors.

Of course, we decided to try and ask Siri,when Apple's next event took place, and she had nothing to hide: “The special event will take place on Tuesday April 20 at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. You can get all the details at Apple.com. "

All this seems quite true, since in a sense it comes directly from Apple. We hope Siri doesn't have any problems and we thank her for breaking the silence.

We expect Apple to make the event announcement official shortly and will keep you posted.

What to expect?

At the event, the company will likely announcethe mini-LED iPad Pro (2021), AirTags, and the iOS 14.5 release date. The new iPad Pro series replaces last year's 4th generation models. The biggest gains are expected to be in computing power and screen technology. Rumors point to a processor like the M1 that will make the iPad even more functional than before.

In terms of displays, they are expected to improvethe visual experience of iPad Pro with better contrast ratio, higher brightness, and more energy efficiency. Mini-LED is seen as the best alternative to OLED screens, which are prone to fading, making them less stable in the long run.

There's a small chance we'll see an updated Apple TV as well as new AirPods, but we wouldn't get too hopeful.