Archaeologists have found the remains of a man who tried to escape during the eruption of Vesuvius

The remains of the skeleton were found near a stone wall along the ancient embankment. This is the first

the discovery of the victim of Vesuvius in Herculaneum in the last25 years. The bones belonged to a man in his 40s. He may have died in the last stage of the eruption, when gas and ash, called a pyroclastic flow, swept through the city at a speed of over 100 km / h. According to the head of the excavation, Francesco Sirano, the temperature of the stream was 500 ° C.

Herculaneum is located between Vesuvius and the sea,closer to the volcano than the more famous Pompeii. When Vesuvius began to make a roar and spew out flames, the inhabitants of Herculaneum began to evacuate. Many ended up on the beach awaiting rescue from the sea. In the 1980s and 1990s, archaeologists discovered hundreds of skeletons perched in boat sheds along the coastline. People apparently took refuge in sheds when the volcano entered the last stage of its eruption. There is debate among experts about how quickly most of the victims died and what exactly happened to them.

New remains were found near the cityvolcanic stone dams. According to archaeologists at the excavation, the researchers found a skeleton lying head-down to the sea, surrounded by a charred tree. A large roof beam found next to the body could have shattered a man's skull.

It is not clear who this man was and what he waswas engaged. He may have been a city dweller who left the hideout in search of a lifeboat. Or it could be a soldier involved in rescue operations who ended up among those he was trying to save.

The archaeological team is now planning to remove the layerhardened ash that covers the victim's body, and then excavate the skeleton in the laboratory. Fragments of metal and cloth near the skeleton can be a bag of tools, weapons, or coins. Examining the contents of the bag could help identify the person and shed light on what he valued when he tried to escape.

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