Astronauts first went into outer space from a Chinese station

Chinese astronauts made the first spacewalk in tandem. Scientists for seven hours

worked on the outside of the new station"Tiangong", which is in the orbit of the Earth. The authorities noted that the construction of the Tiangong is an important step in China's ambitious space program. The country has already landed a rover and sent probes to the moon.

Three astronauts went into space in June 2021years, they became the first crew of the station and will remain there for three months - this is the first long-term Chinese mission with a crew. Two of them left the station to spend about seven hours in the first spacewalk, the China Manned Space Agency said.

The space agency also said that the safe return of astronauts Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo to the main Tianhe module is a complete success in the construction of the space station.

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Their task was to raise the panoramic camera forthe limits of the Tianhe main module, as well as testing the station's robotic arm, which will be used to move future modules around the station, Chinese state media reported.

The astronauts placed stops on the robotic arm and, with its support, performed other installation work.

Liu, when he was in outer space for the first time, exclaimed, "Wow, it's too beautiful here."

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