Astronomers have found a supermassive brown dwarf in the “desert of brown dwarfs”

To date, scientists have poorly divided the mass of gas giants and brown dwarfs due to

insufficient number of objects studied. It is believed that a brown dwarf is an interstellar object weighing from 13 to 80 Jupiter, in the core of which come with the participation of deuterium and lithium nuclei.

From 2 thousand Only 400 brown dwarfs studied are satellites of stars, while they are usually more than three astronomical units from their star, since they hardly get closer to form - the parent star takes away gas and dust for itself.

The brown dwarf EPIC 212036875 b is located in such a zone, called the “desert of brown dwarfs”. The object was discovered using the Kepler orbital telescope.


EPIC 212036875 b makes one turn aroundits spectral-type star F7 V, which is about 1.12 times heavier than the Sun, has a radius 1.4 times that of the sun, about 5.17 Earth days, and is only 0.06 astronomical units from it - about 9 million km The temperature of the brown dwarf is about 1.1 thousand degrees Celsius.

Scientists believe that EPIC 212036875 b was formed around F7 V due to gravitational instability in the outer part of the protoplanetary disk, and only later migrated to its current orbit.