Audi equips its electric vehicles with projector headlights

The network has information about a new development of the German automaker Audi. As it turned out, the company

equipped its new electric cars with unusual headlights, projectors, capable of broadcasting not only static images, but also the simplest animations.

According to the company, each matrix headlight withthe micromirror system contains 1.3 million reflective elements, all of which are only a few hundredths of a millimeter in size. Due to their structure, they are able to change position up to 5 thousand times per second, which in turn allows the car to adjust the light beam extremely accurately. Moreover, using this technology, Audi electric vehicles can project different images or animations onto different surfaces, such as a road or walls.

The company separately noted that, usingheadlights, cars will be able to project the so-called “light carpet” 50 meters long. With its help, the eyes of drivers of oncoming cars will be “saved” from the bright light of headlights, since the “carpet” will illuminate only the lane along which the car emitting it drives.