Back to the Future with It’s OK: cassette player with Bluetooth 5.0

Once upon a time, a cassette player was a pipe dream for many people in our country. Of course, they still appeared, and

in sufficient quantities, however, even then,when in other countries everyone switched to digital, they listened to music on CD players that did not chew the tape, the sound was pure, without any noise from the tape mechanism. And yet, the cassette player was a breakthrough. Recently, the legendary Sony Walkman (few people had it in our country) celebrated its 40th anniversary. And at that moment, quite a few people around the world felt “a little” old. But even greater emotions were caused by nostalgia. Many people really regret (that) those times have passed when music, and only music, was the main function and key value of the gadgets of those times. This is already comfort music or just a background soundtrack to which we scroll through channels and news feeds on social networks.

Back to the Future

If you have the desire to mentally return togood old times cassette tapes, films, but without wires to the headphones (it really has become inconvenient, and sometimes dangerous), then Kickstarter has a company of a startup that offers a unique cassette player that transmits music from a film via Bluetooth fifth generation wireless headphones. The compact player is a developer called “Its OK” or everything is fine. The gadget, according to the manufacturer, will provide the user with unlimited enjoyment of real music, which is recorded in the old way, and not by singles and zeros. This player also supports the mini-jack analog port so that users have a choice (maybe they have very high-quality headphones with this connector). But he also offers experience with a wireless interface, with the latest generation, that is, data transfer with little or no distortion.

And if someone thinks the sound qualitymusic on cassettes was extremely low, then the advice to them is not to hurry, try to enjoy music with this player, and even wireless. Modern music is now all digitized, and it is really very convenient, but the tape, this is a real romance, and those who have ever seen and listened to them will never forget about it. The project has already attracted quite a lot of pre-orders, and in a few days about 20 thousand dollars have gathered, while the required amount to start production is only 12 thousand dollars. The Hong Kong team NIMM Lab announced that the player will begin to be sold and arrive to buyers in December.


Very successful time of release of the player, becauseSony has already organized a show in honor of the Walkman heritage. Forty years, it is still a long time, and during this time the world has seen many models and versions of the player. At the exhibition, the company exhibited 230 different models of Walkman players. And even the very first generation on batteries is also there, it was released back in the 79th year of the last century. Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to use the players, try them in business. Without a doubt, many of them do not even understand how it all works, and they will not only listen to the tape for the first time, they will see it live for the first time. There you can also buy some of the models for your collection. Yes, and to attract the attention of others today it is even better than an expensive smartphone.