Bandai Namco invites gamers from the US, Canada and Latin America to take part in closed testing of the fighting game Tekken 8

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Bandai Namco invites everyone from Canada, the United States and Latin America to apply to participate in a closed

testing the fighting game Tekken 8.

What is known

To participate in testing on the Tekken website, you must submit an application, which will be accepted until June 27.

By July 19, Bandai Namco will notify randomly selected PS5 users by email, and by July 26, selected PC and Xbox Series owners will receive such notification.

The testing itself will take place in two stages, the time and dates in your region can be found on the Bandai Namco website.

In the test version of Tekken 8, gamers will be offered to participate in rating matches, they will offer a choice of 16 characters and five arenas.

Source: Bandai Namco