Bear Robotics Introduces Waiter Robots

A startup from California has its own views on the robotization of human professions. The two-year-old company does

“robots that help,” or more precisely, robots that deliver food to restaurant customers.

The guys from Bear Robotics tackled the eternal problems of food service: salary, labor market and financial efficiency.

What is already there?

The company has already invested about $ 38 million. The first model of the robot waiter was Penny, who spun like an R2-D2 and maneuvered between the kitchen and the hall, delivering their dishes to customers.

Bear Robotics plans to distribute its product according to the monthly subscription scheme, which will include the robot itself, a restaurant map (so that Penny does not crash into anything), customization, and those. support.

When to wait more?

In today's world, automated restaurantsgaining popularity, an example is the restaurant in Shanghai, where robots deliver guests food, gliding along special guides. However, this does not mean that soon all restaurants will be automated. One of the reasons people go to a restaurant is good old communication. And while people are not ready to exclude such a thing from their lives, wait for robotic waiters at every turn is not worth it.