Bitcoin for the first time in a year began to cost above 10 thousand dollars

The value of bitcoin began to grow on June 20, the cryptocurrency added about 6% per day.Over the past two months,

Bitcoin has become twice as expensive.

Experts interviewed by Arstechnica could not say why the price of bitcoin rose sharply.But one obvious option is the news of Facebook's own cryptocurrency, Libra.It is a potential competitor to Bitcoin, but according to experts, it will also legitimizecryptocurrency market.

Facebook has officially unveiled its Libra cryptocurrency.It will be pegged to real-world assets!Satya...

Facebook plans to launch its cryptocurrency in the first half of 2020.Its creators will implement Libra in all platforms — in Messenger and WhatsApp, and later for shopping on Instagram.

Journalists also note that the rise in the value of bitcoin is part of a broader cryptocurrency boom.Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash also updated their maximum value in 2019.