BlackBerry KEY2: Smartphone Review with Qwerty Keyboard

Starting with the first iPhone, touchscreen smartphones have literally taken over the world, leaving almost no space

Moreover, smartphone manufacturers strive to make their smartphones completely smooth, without any buttons and holes.But there are still users who prefer smartphones with real physical keyboards.But there are few such companies, there is only BlackBerry Mobile on our market now, for some time nowBelow we will analyze what is remarkable about the BlackBerry KEY2.

Design, ergonomics

Let's start with the colors: There are three of them - black classics, expressive red and combined black and silver. The red version appeared later than the others, perhaps it will be officially delivered to us. The ends of the case are made of metal, the back panel and keyboard are made of plastic. Tactile sensations are very pleasant, corrugated backdrop, with the effect of rubberization. Coverage is durable, such a smartphone will not slip out of hand. The smartphone looks solid, even the previous BlackBerry models are inferior in this parameter.

The control buttons are located on the right side,here is the inclusion with a volume rocker, as well as the multifunctional key Convenience Key. For one hand, this is somewhat inconvenient, however, hardly anyone will control the smartphone with one hand. For two-handed use of the same ergonomics apparatus is just perfect. As for the build quality, it is close to ideal, the manufacturer takes into account all the shortcomings of the first generation KEY.


The smartphone has a display with a diagonal of 4.5 inches, IPS matrix is ​​used with a resolution of 1620x1080. In general, the screen quality, clarity, saturation, color reproduction and viewing angles at a high level. In principle, there is nothing more to say about him, not AMOLED, of course, but one of the best in its class.


BlackBerry KEY2 got a four-linekeyboard with a nice backlight. On the Russian version, all Cyrillic characters fit, moreover, Russian letters are not just engraved, they also received highlighting. Alt for characters from the additional table. As already noted, the smartphone is uniquely two-handed, it is very difficult to type text with one hand, especially from time to time or regularly have to use two buttons simultaneously, the same alt or shift. Each button is a touchpad, so by and large, the keyboard on the BlackBerry is not just a set of buttons. At first, this is unusual, but then it seems that without this, the world simply did not exist.


BlackBerry has never been qualitycameras, yet the wrong format or positioning. This smartphone is more for business people, not for selfie lovers and social network photographers. In fact, the company was generally thinking of getting rid of them, since there is no need for them for the BlackBerry audience. Nevertheless, the fashion trend has taken its toll - the main camera has received two modules: the main with a 12 megapixel sensor, and the auxiliary telescopic with a 12 megapixel sensor. Despite its telescopic nature, the zoom is purely digital. In terms of hardware, the cameras are pretty good, but the software from TCL is not very logical. In general, the photos are quite decent with good lighting, although it can be difficult to catch a good shot so as not to light up the scene or unscrew the contrast.


The basis of the hardware filling KEY2 is the platformQualcomm, the smartphone received a Snapdragon 660 processor, onboard 6 gigabytes of RAM is installed. The drive is 128 gigabytes. In the receiver for SIM cards, you can place a microSD card, if someone 128 is not enough. Productivity of the bundle with the reserve is enough for all daily and work tasks. In principle, the processor allows you to play and plenty. In short, the games are all that now exist, only on the most resource-intensive titles graphic settings will have to be reduced.

The battery here is 3500 mAh, if usedsmartphone as a dialer and check messengers, mail and social networks for incoming, then the charge holds for at least three days. This is 4 hours with the screen on for all this time. In the video playback mode, the smartphone lives for more than ten hours, and in games up to six hours, which is a very good result.

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