Blizzard Introduces Madness Fair DLC For Hearthstone: 135 New Cards, Duel Mode And Return Of The Gods

Blizzard has announced a major new expansion for the Hearthstone card game called Madness Fair.

to the Madness Fair

With the arrival of the add-on, 135 new cards will appear in Hearthstone, including those with the ancient gods: K'Tun the Shattered, N'Zoth, God of the Deep and Y'Sharaj the Defiler.

Each of them corresponds to its type of decks andpossesses a powerful battle cry. For example, "Yogg-Sarona, Lords of Fate" allows you to spin the wheel of New Moon if the player has cast 10 spells in a match. Players will also have access to artifacts of the ancient gods.

In the "Madness Fair" add-on, the developers will introduce a new property: "Corruption". Cards with this property in hand will improve if the player plays a card of higher value.

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Also worth waiting for a new game mode: "Duels". In the beginning, players will have to choose a hero, his strength and signature treasure, as well as build an initial deck of 15 cards. Then you have to fight a series of living opponents. Between matches, players can enhance their deck by adding creatures, spells and treasures to it.

Blizzard has also decided to improve the reward system by adding:

  • Achievement system that tracks players' progress.
  • A basic ribbon for earning rewards without having to play in standard or freestyle.
  • New quest system with support for daily and weekly quests.

The Madness Fair will be out on November 17th. For pre-order, the developers give early access to the "Duel" mode from October 22.

Source: Blizzard

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