Bloomberg: Apple has a secret team that tackled satellite technology

Bloomberg, citing its own sources, writes that Apple is interested in satellite


What is it and why

It seems that with the help of its developments the companywill be able to stream data to their devices while reducing their dependence on wireless carriers, or link devices together without a traditional network.

A clear direction has not yet been determined, butIn theory, this will help you not depend on operators and providers, provide the gadget with communication even in areas without coverage, determine the location of the device even more accurately and improve map services.

It's unclear whether Apple will launch its own satellites for this or use the ground equipment of existing satellite providers.

According to sources, the team included about 10specialists, and was led by Michael Trela ​​and John Fenwick, former Google engineers who moved to Apple several years ago. The project is still at the initial stage and can be closed at any time, but the head of the company, Tim Cook, has already become interested in it.

It is planned that the technology will be ready in 5 years.

By the way, SpaceX, Amazon, Facebook, etc. are also interested in this topic.

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