Bloomberg: SoftBank and Apple negotiated the future of ARM Holdings

A few weeks ago, we wrote that SoftBank is considering selling the chip maker ARM, and

now the network has information about a potential buyer.

What is known

According to a Bloomberg source, SoftBankand Apple held a meeting to discuss the future of ARM. Naturally, Apple has an interest in such a significant player in the market, given that Cupertinos are now in full preparation for the transition to their own chips with an ARM platform. But the company is not going to offer the amount yet. This is logical, given that there are several important points in this situation.

First of all, Apple rarely makes big purchases. SoftBank acquired ARM Holdings in 2016 for $ 32 billion. That's 10 times more than Apple's largest purchase to date. We are talking about the acquisition of Beats Electronics LLC in 2014 for $ 3 billion. In addition, if the deal goes through, it is unlikely to be approved by the antimonopoly committee. Apple competes with many of ARM's customers, and this acquisition will give it control over them.

Naturally, other manufacturers are also interested in buying ARM, including Google, Huawei, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, etc.

Source: Bloomberg

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