Bluetooth speakers in 2020 are unexpectedly smart gizmos

If with the characteristics of the speakers everything varies from model to model, then the software "chips" arrive in

new audio equipment not as isolated cases, but astrend. For example, new models become not just an external speaker (I can play, I can not play), but smart devices - now they sometimes have a voice assistant Alice. It remains to be seen if there is anything new in terms of sound, body and autonomy. Therefore, we took for a test one of the newest presented Bluetooth speakers of 2020, JBL Link Music and JBL Link Portable, and checked what surprises a class of devices from which no one expects anything. Some things made me very happy.

Table of contents

  • Specifications
  • Appearance
  • Alice
  • Sound
  • Autonomy
  • Competitors
  • Elari SmartBeat
  • Results

The quarantine is over, people are almost completelycrawled out of their homes, and someone went on vacation to nature or to the sea. If earlier, for the entourage of such trips, it was customary to carry a tape recorder with you or turn on the sound as loud as possible from the shaking speakers in the luggage compartment of the "nine", now both in terms of power and convenience all this has been replaced by Bluetooth speakers.