Borderlands breaks into PornHub trends, becoming more popular than Overwatch and Fortnite

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has already boasted that Borderlands 3 has broken records online, but that’s where

the project did not end.

What is known

According to PornHub statistics, after the release of Borderlands 3franchise popularity on the site grew by 12.905%. So, in the first five days, a million people searched for content from Borderlands, which is three times more than Overwatch. Thus, Borderlands was able to get first place in the category of games and fell into PornHub trends.

In the top of the most popular queries related toGearbox project, became "borderlands 3", in second place "borderlands moxxi", and in third - "borderlands 2". Most often, men searched for videos on the game on PornHub - 84%. Moreover, in 78% of cases they were Xbox users.