Bucket-stove, safe satellites, fridge-emitter: Rospatent published a list of the top 100 inventions of 2018

The list includes patents granted in the fields of metallurgical industry and mechanical engineering,

construction, light industry, pharmaceuticals, energy, computer equipment, biotechnology and other areas.

In the field of "Computer technology" among the best inventions included patents:

  • The way to protect information when copying from computer equipment to external drives.
  • Satellite communication system with protection of the remote control channel.
  • A method and system for identifying a living person in a sequence of frames by detecting a pulse in certain parts of a person’s face.
  • Method and system for precise localization of a visually impaired or blind person.

Among other inventions, Rospatent noted:

  • Electric furnace smelting unit (ESA-KP).
  • The design of a thin-film solar module and method of its manufacture.
  • The method of hitting the target supersonic cruise missile and supersonic cruise missile for its implementation.
  • Method of professional selection of persons for the destruction of chemical warfare agents.
  • The way the drip cooler emitter.