Cabello, NavAway, SafeShutdown and other new jailbreak tweaks of the week

We can modify our devices with iOS 11 thanks to the Electra jailbreak and various tweaks. Sometimes

finding good tweaks and add-ons can be difficult. We will help you with this. Today we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks that were released last week, and begin as usual with the best of them.

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The best tweaks weeks


Cabello - A new jailbreak tweak that allows you to add various sounds and vibrations to the press of a device button.

Cabello already contains a set of different sounds and vibrations, and with future updates there will be even more of them. Vibro feedback only works on iPhone 6s and newer.



You can learn more about the Cabello tweak in our detailed review.


Navaway - A convenient tweak that hides and displays the top menu and the status bar, depending on which way you scroll through the screen.

It adds full-screen mode to almost all applications and uses nice animation for this.


There is nothing worse than losing a semi-tied jailbreak due to a depleted iPhone battery. Fortunately tweak Safeshutdown will solve this problem.

When your device’s battery reachesa certain percentage, the SafeShutdown tweak puts it into maximum power saving mode. In fact, you cannot use the device, except for the exceptions, but it remains on. When you charge your device, SafeShutdown will automatically stop functioning.

Read more about SafeShutdown tweaks in our article.

Other tweaks

bestDuelist: Disables the timer in the QuizDuel application (BigBoss repository).

BetterBlurCCXI: Adds a blue tint to the iOS 11 Control Center (BigBoss repository).

DarkModuleCCXI: Adds dark mode to the Control Center (BigBoss repository).

Deluminator: Night mode for sites in Safari (Packix repository).

DictionaryPullDownToClose: It makes it easier to close the interface with the dictionary in iOS (BigBoss repository).

INVISIBLE for Whatsapp: Adds stealth mode to WhatsApp application (BigBoss repository).

NoFlyAnimUnlockXI: Removes animation from application icons when the device is unlocked (BigBoss repository).

NoGMStartupFooterCard: Hides the home screen in the Google Maps application (BigBoss repository).

NoUpperCaseNotification: Removes uppercase letters from notifications (ca13ra1 beta repository)

SBBadgeColor: Color the notification banners in the color of the respective applications (ca13ra1 beta repository)

SleekCalculator: Adds blue text and hue to the Calculator app in iOS (Cydiageek beta repository).

TinXieNotJailbrokenRichartDog: Bypass jailbreak detection in Richart app (BigBoss repository).

TopEmojiXI: Allows you to add emoji to the lock screen (BigBoss repository).