Call of Duty Mobile, Activision's main shooter for smartphones, has been released on Android and iOS

After a long period of testing, Call of Duty: Mobile has officially reached Android and iOS.

What is known

Story mode

Call of Duty was not brought to mobile, soplayers will be entertained by multiplayer. At launch, classic modes such as Supremacy and Team Battle are available, as well as the local “battle royale” Blackout. In addition, beginners can practice in battles against bots. In the future they promise to have a zombie mode.

The developers also pleased with the adapted controls, adding an automatic shooting mode. Now the player just needs to aim at the enemy, and the character will start shooting.

Call of Duty:Mobile is available on Android and iOS and is free. Microtransactions have been introduced, so chests, boosters, a battle pass and other favorite Activision mechanics are already waiting in the game. You can find the hardware requirements in the previous news about the game.