CallBar X, Pascal and other jailbreak tweaks of the week

Thanks to Electra jailbreak, developers can create new jailbreak tweaks and themes for iOS 11 and others

supported system versions. Every week we tell you about all the new tweaks released in Cydia, and this week will not be an exception. In this collection, we will list all the new tweaks and start as usual with the best of them.

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The best tweaks weeks

Callbar x

The interface of the incoming call in iOS occupies the entire screen of the smartphone, but the tweak Callbar X can change this by fitting everything you need in a small banner.

With the CallBar X tweak, you can continue to do your own business during an incoming call, which cannot be done with the standard iOS interface.



CallBar X can be activated at any time using the Activator extension to start an outgoing call, etc.

If you want to know more about CallBar X, read our full review.


ChromaHomeBarX - Tweak that changes the color of the Home indicator on the iPhone X.

After installing the tweak, you can adjust the color and appearance of the indicator by choosing from several themes and animations.


IOS Incoming Call Interface is not the only drawback of the operating system. There is also an inconvenient volume change interface. Fortunately, a solution appeared for this problem, and this is a tweak Pascal.

Pascal replaces the iOS volume control interface with a convenient banner. It also has play, pause, rewind buttons, as well as information about the content being played.



The developer promised that in the future he will add even more functions.


Sometimes it is necessary to quickly change the quality of video recording in the Camera, but for this you need to do many steps and change the option in the settings.

New jailbreak tweak TapVideoConfig facilitates the task, allowing me the quality of video recording right in the Camera. By clicking on the convenient icon, you can choose from all the available options that your device supports.

Other tweaks

Apple File Conduit “2” (arm64 / KPPLess): Updated version of APC2 with iOS 7-11 support (BigBoss repository).

BetterWhatsApp: Customize the WhatsApp Messenger app (Packix repository).

CCTimeX: Displays the time in the iPhone X Control Center (BigBoss repository).

Classic Dock for iphone X: Makes the dock on the iPhone X screen the same as on the iPhone 6/7/8 (BigBoss repository).

Confidential & Proprietary: Adds the text “Confidential & Proprietary” to the lock screen (BigBoss repository).

confirmToLINE: It asks for confirmation before sending a message in the LINE application (CydiaGeek beta repository).

ConfirmToSend: Requests confirmation of action before sending a message through Messages (BigBoss repository).

Dark Messenger: Dark mode for the Facebook Messenger app (Packix repository).

Fastforwardtime: Adds a second time indicator to the lock screen (BigBoss repository).

FreeRAMUnderTimeX: Displays the amount of free RAM under time in the status bar of the iPhone X (BigBoss repository).

LowPowerDND: Enables the power saving mode when activating the Do Not Disturb mode (BigBoss repository).

Notepad: Allows you to create notes on the lock screen (Chariz / HASHBANG Productions repository).

Pixel BG: Wallpaper from Google Pixel for iPhone (Packix repository).

SelectMoji: Change the location of your favorite emojis on your iOS keyboard (Packix repository).

Shutter: Additional settings for the Camera application (BigBoss repository).

Sizefinder: Replaces the “X” icons in the editing mode on the home screen with icons with application sizes (BigBoss repository).

Spinxi: New widget design with music on the lock screen (Packix repository).

Statusint: Allows you to change the color of the status bar (Packix repository).

Squarecode: Configure password entry buttons (BigBoss repository).



Swipe2Hide: Allows you to hide the dock and the status bar (Packix repository).

Tapspotlight: Open Spotlight Search on iPhone X by double-tapping the Home indicator (BigBoss repository).

ThunderVipHelper: Optimizes downloads in the Thunder application (BigBoss repository).

TwitterCustomiserPro: Customize the Twitter app (Packix repository).