Cancer-killing worms found

Scientists at Osaka University in Japan found that hydrogel-coated worms

anti-cancer drugs can help fight the disease. Discuss

Researchers were able to cover the nematodes with "shells"based on a hydrogel and made sure that they can be adapted for the transport of functional drugs. Nematodes usually live in the soil, but under certain circumstances they can enter the human body. The Anisakis simplex worm has been found to display an odd propensity for cancerous cells.

First, scientists developed a system for applyinghydrogel shells on worms by immersing them in solutions. It turned out that the shells in no way interfere with the survival of the worms and are flexible enough to support their mobility. The researchers then placed functional molecules in the shells and found that this protected the worms from ultraviolet light or hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, the shells can be loaded with anti-cancer drugs that the nematodes could transport and deliver to kill cancer cells in vitro.