Canyon CND-TBTHS2B: inexpensive bluetooth headphones

Sooner or later, people will get rid of wired headphones, because they really are much more convenient. You do not

tied to any device like a rope,the wires do not spoil the appearance, do not get tangled, do not fray, the plug does not become loose, as a result of which it stops working. Everything is simple, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing. Why hasn't everyone switched to wireless headphones yet? There are several reasons:

  • Economic. Wireless headphones are more expensive than conventional wired headphones;
  • Technological, with most smartphones (andheadphones) there is the fourth generation of Bluetooth, which means that the bandwidth is not very high. Sound quality is cut and inferior to wired headphones.
  • Social. Users have accumulated a lot of favorite things and gadgets, and headphones are no exception. Sometimes they are selected for several years. So now you need to throw them away?

In addition, there are probably a lot of gadgets in the house that do not support wireless connection, they still only need a mini-jack plug.

New from Canyon lets headphones synchronouslywork without any wires. The headphones themselves are compact, the case is convenient, supports charging. These headphones are great for listening to music or as a headset for talking. At the same time, integrated microphones allow the use of virtual voice assistants. The user, without even having to get the headphones from his purse, can find out the current weather, upcoming events from the calendar, and so on. Headphones are paired with a smartphone or other devices via fifth-generation Bluetooth (the sound quality will be almost like wired). All modern wireless technologies are present in these headphones, when removed, they are automatically synchronized with each other, and quickly pair with the base (smartphone, player).

Compact and comfortable

Canyon CND plugs sit in the ear almost as wellFeels like ordinary wired inter-channel, as compact and lightweight. The case is oval, they are inserted easily without effort, they will not have to be screwed in. They hold firmly, including due to their low weight, each earphone is not more than four grams. The ear pads are comfortable, perfectly fitted, there are different sizes in the kit, you can pick it up for your ear.


Each headphone has a large button outside withlogo. An indicator is built into the button, its progress is short and clear, there will be a minimum of random clicks. To pair, you need to activate the blue-tooth on the smartphone, and select headphones from the list. The headset will melodically notify you of the connection. Management is quite simple: on the right, one short double press switches the track forward, on the left - back. Single click on any - pause, start. Long press to call virtual assistant. In this case, the assistant can be selected in the default settings. Before each question you need to press the button.

Sound quality

You can immediately feel the detail and excellent coverage.range. You can clearly hear individual high, a good picture of medium and rich bass, not clumping, not wheezing, not overshadowing the rest of the levels. Of course, they are far from Hi-End devices, but for inexpensive wireless, the quality is decent, it's nice to listen to music in them. Ears do not get tired for a long time.

As for the conversation (headset mode), thenthe interlocutor is heard clearly, the voice of the interlocutor is also well audible, the quality is like a speakerphone. At the same time, extraneous noise is practically inaudible, although the company has not announced noise reduction.

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