CD Projekt will release Gwent for Android and iOS in the fall of 2019

The card Gwent has already been released on consoles and personal computers, and now the developers

are preparing to release a version for smartphones.

What is known

During CD Projekt's financial reportannounced that it plans to release Gwent on Android and iOS. The release on Apple devices is scheduled for autumn 2019, but users of smartphones with a “green robot” will have to wait. Unfortunately, the developers did not specify whether Gwent for Android and iOS will differ from the “older” version, and whether gamers will be able to use one account.

At the meeting, the developers also boasted thatGwent earned more than Blood Feud in the fourth quarter of 2018. CD Projekt explained this by the fact that they spend more production capacity on Gwent. The developers are also pleased with the sales of the first add-on, called “The Scarlet Curse,” which will be released on March 28.