CDC raises monkeypox alert: virus already in 29 countries

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has raised its alert level for ongoing

monkeypox outbreak as the situation grows more dangerous. At the time of writing, the number of cases in the country has reached 30, and the number of cases in the world has exceeded 1,000.

Photo: CDC

The CDC is now advising travelers to “keepextra precautions" to avoid infection and spread of the viral disease, the agency's website says. The department notes that people should avoid close contact with sick people, including those with a rash on the skin or genitals, as well as with dead or live wild animals. Especially with rodents such as rats and squirrels, but also with primates, i.e. monkeys and great apes.

Travelers should also avoid contactwith contaminated materials used by sick people, such as clothing and bedding, or objects that infected animals have come into contact with. They should also avoid eating or cooking game meat.

“If you are sick and can get infected with monkeysmallpox, postpone public transportation until you have received permission from a healthcare professional or public health officials,” the CDC said in a statement.

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