ChatGPT interviewed at Google for $183,000 engineer

“Surprisingly, ChatGPT gets hired at L3 after an interview for a programmer position,” the document says.

Google, but ChatGPT itself claims it cannot replicate human creativity and problem-solving skills.

As reported by CNBC, the experiment was carried out inas part of Google's recent testing of several AI-powered chatbots that the company wants to integrate into the search engine's website. ChatGPT's ability to provide a concise and precise answer to a question can save users the time they would normally spend browsing links on Google looking for the same information.

And while the third level is considered an entry-level position on the Google engineering team, the average total remuneration for the job is around $183,000.

Software engineer interview processGoogle relies mainly on technical issues, which ChatGPT passed. There are several behavioral examples in the interview (“Tell me about the time…”), Amazon and other companies rely heavily on such questions, especially for leadership positions, which can be an obstacle to “hiring” ChatGPT.

But the discovery that ChatGPT can answertechnical coding interview questions raised questions about the platform's ability to transform not only Google but the engineering behind it.

"No, ChatGPT will not replace software engineers,AI replied. ChatGPT is a tool that can help solve certain problems, but it cannot completely replace the creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities of a software engineer. In addition, ChatGPT requires human oversight and leadership to operate effectively.”

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