China has earned the world's largest telescope

As it became known, in China the official launch of the largest telescope in the world took place,

dubbed FAST. The main objective of the device is to search and study the so-called pulsars.

The device is located in Guizhou Province, andthe main direction for which it will be used is the study of various pulsars. By the way, FAST has already opened two of them - this happened as part of the device testing in August 2017. The development of the telescope began in 2016. According to the developers, even though FAST has a diameter of 500 m, during research, the working area can reach only 300 m from this length.

”In the process of observing signals from heavenbodies we also collect signals that may come from extraterrestrial civilizations. However, this is a huge job, since most of the signals that we pick up, more precisely, 99% of them are various noises, ”said Zhu Min, Director of the Department of Scientific Observations and Data at the FAST Operations and Technology Center.