China to build telescope "Heavenly sentry" with characteristics of Hubble

China's new space station telescope (CSST), scheduled to launch in 2024, will operate as

space optical observatory for Chinese scientists conducting sky research.

He was given the name "Xuntian", which literallytranslates as "Heavenly sentry." In terms of characteristics, it will have a lens with a diameter of 2 meters, which makes it comparable to the "Hubble", as well as a similar resolution. However, the new telescope will have a field of view 300 times larger.

According to the developers, the new telescope will be able to observe up to 40% of the sky for ten years using a huge camera with a resolution of 2.5 billion pixels.

The telescope will be housed in an optical module that can independently fly in orbit for higher efficiency in space sensing.

Zhou Jianping, Chief Designer of China's Manned Space Flight Program

CSST will conduct observations in the areaultraviolet and visible range. Notable cosmological and astronomical tasks include investigating the properties of dark matter and dark energy, large-scale structures in the cosmos, and the formation and evolution of galaxies.

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