Chinese hackers target government resources in 6 countries

According to a company specializing in cybersecurity Positive Technologies, a Chinese group of hackers under

Calypso targeted the public resources of six countries: India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand and Turkey.

How it works?

First, hackers crack the perimeter of systems of various government organizations, then they use special utilities and malware to gain access to internal resources.

With this method, hackers can seriouslydamage the work of state organizations in any country that they choose. Moreover, Calypso uses publicly available tools that are also in use by system administrators around the world. This includes utilities such as: SysInternals, Mimikatz, EternalBlue, and EternalRomance.

Where does the information come from?

Positive Technologies figured out that Calypso- A Chinese group, since they use software that is very loved by Chinese hackers. They also somehow discovered IP addresses belonging to providers from China.

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