Click-to-order delivery, food in the car and Max station: all announcements from the Yandex conference


The first topic of the conference is the relatively recently launched Yandex.Lavka: a successful project

former publisher of Meduza Ilya Krasilshchik. Now he works in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the day before new stores were announced in Tel Aviv.

You can build such a convenient service only if there are a lot of such warehouses. Maximum 8-10 minutes walk. To build such a service, you need to have a huge audience - and we have one.

Tigran Khudaverdyan, Managing Director of the Yandex Group of Companies

Head of Yandex.Lavki "Ilya Krasilshchik explains:" The "Lavka" is arranged as follows, you press the button, then the order comes to the Lavka itself. Then they begin to collect it: an order of 7 products is collected in 70–80 seconds. We start looking for a courier, usually we choose those who are sitting at the "Shop". We make sure that the time from a person to a courier is 7-10 minutes. "

The main problems of "Lavka" concern perishable products, in particular, there were many questions about tomatoes, which quickly deteriorate.

We still have one more courier, he is not a man. Now he works in Moscow in the Malaya Dmitrovka area. This is a rover. If everything works out, there will be more of them.

Tigran Khudaverdyan, Managing Director of the Yandex Group of Companies


Yandex showed its rover, it delivers ordersfrom Lavka at one of the locations in Moscow, Skolkovo and Innopolis. “If nothing is done, then one half of humanity will deliver orders to the other,” - this is how Khudaverdyan explains why they are needed.

And here is the older brother of the rover - an unmanned vehicle. It takes several years for the robot to drive safer than humans.

Yandex first showed an unmanned vehicle inMay 2017. In Russia, cars are tested in Moscow and Innopolis. At the beginning of 2020, there were 110 vehicles in the company's fleet, with a total mileage of 3.21 million km.

The most challenging aspect is the variability on the road. Nobody follows the rules strictly, so real life cannot be programmed. This year, AI began to introduce variability of events, this is what we call the human factor. We have made progress, but this is not the end. Now the car sees where the person is, where is the post, where is the truck. Teaching a computer intuition is the hardest part.

Dmitry Polishchuk, head of unmanned vehicles at Yandex

Merger with Tinkoff

On October 16 it became known that Tinkoff Bankrefused a deal with Yandex. The negotiations were officially announced a little less than a month ago, and Yandex investors took this news positively. But the quotations of Tinkoff Bank began to fall, and this influenced the mood of Oleg Tinkov. But the main thing is that he was not ready to completely surrender control over the bank.

Khudaverdyan about the collapse of the deal with "Tinkoff": "We spent a lot of time, it cannot be said that we are not sorry."

We made a decision: we want to build the largest or one of the largest players in online trading. It is impossible to do this without having a complementary financial service in the ecosystem.

Tigran Khudaverdyan, Managing Director of the Yandex Group of Companies

"Yandex Market"

Now you can complete your purchase immediately inmarket. Yandex organizes the courier program in such a way as to immediately deliver your goods. Based on the platforms, the market predicts how the courier can optimally deliver the goods to a specific person. The company wants to become a retailer, it does not plan to store its own goods.


Yandex told how it builds itsmega-logistics service. First there was a taxi delivery, then a cargo taxi, then couriers from other services were connected. And this is the new big business of the company.

Yandex Go service starts testing a new service - "Delivery on a click", which will allow people to choose the exact time of receipt of goods from the online store.

After the user places an order inonline store, the goods will be delivered to the nearest Yandex.Lavka the next day, the company explains. From there, at any time, you can call a courier who will bring the goods to the right address in 15–20 minutes. This will allow users to control the time of receipt of the goods, and not wait for the courier "in the morning", the message says. In addition, thanks to integration with Yandex.Lavka, it will be possible to add products to any order.

At the testing stage, click delivery worksin about 100 Yandex.Lavki in Moscow and so far only for Yandex.Market, the company points out. This is due to the fact that "within one ecosystem it is easier to test how such integration will work." Yandex calls its goal to provide access to new delivery to partner stores in Moscow and other cities.


There was an advertising subscription for business, throughwhich you can automatically configure and target ads. There, apparently, there will be something like a simple CRM-system: it will be possible to keep records of customers and hang the button "Sign up" on the "Maps" and "Search", as well as on more than 40,000 sites of the advertising network.

You just need to set a budget, indicate information about the promotion, product or service and attach photos.
The rest of Yandex's algorithms will customize themselves: they will create ads in accordance with the specified parameters, place them and distribute the budget so that advertising brings more customers.

Yandex Search

There is a new recommendation system for "Search" and "Zen": everything will also be based on a personal story, but now there is also a video.


Now in Yandex.Gas stations ”it will be possible to order food directly into the car. This is a service for delivering food and drinks to cars that have stopped at a gas station. The opportunity to order coffee and pastries has appeared in the Yandex.Zapravki, Yandex.Navigator and Yandex.Maps applications.

It will be possible to call in at a gas station, order coffee anda puff, the employee of the gas station will bring it directly to the car. Time for everything is 5 minutes. The delivery itself will be free. Having driven into a gas station, the driver enters the application, finds a menu in the "Food at a gas station" section, selects and pays for the dishes he likes, marks the required number of devices and indicates the "delivery address" - the brand and registration number of the car. Before paying, the service informs the driver of the approximate time for which the delivery will be made. Yandex promises that the selected food and drinks will be delivered to the vehicle within 5 minutes.

So far, the service operates at 100 BP and Neftmagistral petrol stations in Moscow and the Moscow region, but the company promises that it will later appear at other petrol stations.


Yandex has released a new, already the third smart column- "Max Station" with voice assistant, powerful three-band sound, 4K HDR video support and LED-screen. Earlier, Station and Station Mini entered the market

Sales will begin on December 1 and can be ordered today. Price - 17 thousand rubles. Now "Max" is presented in black and gray, in the new year there will be burgundy and dark blue.

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