Closer to World of Warcraft: an hour of open-world Diablo 4 gameplay and first press reviews

Blizzard arrived at BlizzCon 2019 with the announcement of Diablo 4, which gamers were waiting for back in 2018. On stage, the company showed

only a short trailer, but visitors to the exhibition, including the press, managed to play the “demo”.

What they say

According to IGN reporters, the new Blizzard projectwill please both fans of Diablo 2 and gamers who liked Diablo 3. The developers decided to return to the classic dark style, while filling the game with new elements.

At the booth, visitors can enjoy a 20-minute"Demo" Diablo 4 with a playable barbarian, druid and sorceress. Heroes are distinguished by a set of active skills, as well as passive skills. For example, a barbarian carries with him two pairs of weapons at once, and turns into a bear or werewolf with the activation of super blows.

The second innovation is an open world wherereal players roam. Now, while researching or completing the quest, you can stumble upon another adventurer and continue together or fight him if you want. In addition, public events will be held in the world of Diablo 4. For example, a huge boss may appear on the location, which players will try to destroy in the allotted time.

An hour and a half video appeared on the web withDiablo 4 gameplay, which hit the gameplay for a druid, a barbarian and a magician. In addition, you can appreciate the aforementioned open world and public events with the participation of real players.