Cognitive Technologies of the first in the world massively introduced unmanned combines in the work of farmers

Six agricultural producers of the Tomsk region signed an agreement with Cognitive Technologies, each of them will receive

several unmanned harvesters, said the deputy governor of the region Andrei Antonov.

Other details of the transaction, including the project budget, are not disclosed.

It is likely that Cognitive Technologies willuse your “Agrodroid S2-A2” in the Tomsk region - a device that allows you to quickly connect to existing agricultural equipment, such as combines, tractors and sprayers, for unmanned control. The device's key innovation is a state-of-the-art convolutional neural network that has been modified for agricultural purposes. Also, the system uses only one video camera. This will dramatically reduce the cost of its use.


Previously, the company announced testingunmanned control systems of agricultural machinery. Tests were conducted on Torum combines from Rostselmash in the Belgorod region. Unmanned tractors independently traveled 200 km and processed more than 60 hectares of land in different conditions - with heavy dusting, in the dark and with difficult terrain.

In addition, company representatives toldthat have already received pre-orders for the development of "Agrodroid C2-A2" from China, Brazil and Argentina. In 2019, Cognitive Technologies planned to release 870 agro-feeds valued from $ 3 thousand to $ 10 thousand apiece.