Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Fit e and Xiaomi Mi Band 4: which is better?

The market of smart bracelets today is full, but still there are models of watches that are the most

popular due to value for money. At the moment, among all the accessories from Samsung, Galaxy Fit e is the most affordable. Let's compare it with the recently announced Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

Galaxy Fit e and Mi Band 4 comparison

Samsung Galaxy Fit e is part of the newlines of fitness accessories along with Watch Active and Galaxy Fit. Today it is the most affordable fitness tracker that Samsung has released to the market. Mi Band 4 was introduced relatively recently, but there is no reason to doubt its popularity.

Mi Band 4 comes with several new ones.features including the ability to track movements while swimming. And in the market both of these bracelets will compete with each other. Mi Band 4 is released in two models in China - with and without NFC. In China, Xiaomi offers the ability to make payments through AliPay and WeChat Pay using the NFC version of the Mi Band 4.

Feature Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Fit e has the following dimensions: 16.0 x 40.2 x 10.9 mm. Their weight is only 15 grams without strap. Samsung emphasizes that the fitness tracker is ultra lightweight and comes with military grade MIL-STD-810G. Military-grade durability means that the device has been tested for fall, environmental impact, etc.

The accessory also has a water resistance indicator.5ATM, which means that it is reliably protected from water even at a depth of 50 meters when immersed for 10 minutes. That is, during the voyage, do not worry.

Mi Band 4 is also waterproof, withIt can dive to a depth of 50 meters. There are built-in sensors for detecting various types of sports modes, activity and swimming movements. The previous version of Mi Band 3 could not be used to track the float.

Samsung claims that Galaxy Fit e canused to track more than 90 activities, including automatic detection of workouts, such as running, exercise, walking, etc., and also supports sleep tracking through continuous monitoring of heart rate.

With Mi Band 4, Xiaomi introduced the new voiceassistant Xiao AI to manage a fitness tracker for voice commands, although for us it is generally not relevant. Mi Band 4 also supports a huge number of different dials.

Galaxy fit e

  • 0.74-inch PMOLED display
  • 64 x 128 resolution
  • 193 ppi density
  • black and white display
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • constant heart rate monitoring
  • accelerometer
  • 70 mAh battery
  • up to 7 days of battery life
  • compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • three colors - black, white and yellow.

Mi Band 4

  • 0.95-inch AMOLED display
  • color
  • The screen is 39.9% larger than the previous version of the Mi Band
  • 2.5D scratch resistant glass
  • 135 mAh battery
  • heart rate monitor
  • up to 20 days of battery life (version without NFC)
  • up to 15 work days for NFC version
  • 512 KB of memory and 16 MB of flash memory
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • Weight 22.2 g.

What is better to buy?

Both devices have a similar design, similarfunctional features. However, there are some nuances. For example, an accessory from Samsung seems to be more compact, plus it has a more thoughtful fastener of the strap (the tip of the strap is hidden inside, not the outside like in Mi Band 4). This is an insignificant detail, but nevertheless it plays an important role in terms of ease of use of the bracelet. If we are talking again about the size, then the Xiaomi bracelet will harmoniously fit into the large male hand, and the Samsung watch on the female hand.

Of course, the color display in Chineseaccessory is another major advantage. Plus, it is touch-sensitive, that is, the control of the clock is much easier and more comfortable, which cannot be said about the Galaxy Fit e. Fitness bracelet from Samsung did not get the possibility of touch interaction. You will have to control the clock by tapping on the screen, which is not always convenient and stable in operation.

We can say the same about time.battery life. The Chinese bracelet is here again in leadership positions with a good margin. But Galaxy Fit e does not work for very long, especially if the function of constant heartbeat monitoring is activated. 3 days maximum.

To summarize

The main advantages of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - comfortable control, good battery life, accurate analysis of your activity for 24 hours, a large number of interchangeable straps and bracelets are offered.

What are the good Samsung Galaxy Fit-e? More compact size, ideal for a small hand, synchronization with the Samsung Health + application, participation in competitions, automatic recording of training.

Price Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Samsung Galaxy Fit-e in Russia within 3,000 rubles, plus or minus a few hundred, depending on the store. I think that the choice here will be obvious in favor of the Chinese.