Compiled a rating of the most durable smartphones in 2019

The famous "tormentor" of smartphones, blogger Zach Nelson posted JerryRigEverything on his YouTube channel

A video in which he told which devices were the most durable in 2019.

Nelson began by voicing the verymaintainable model. She turned out to be Google Pixel 3a. The blogger praised the plastic back of the device and the ease of replacing the screen. The opposite of the Pixel 3a is the Royole Flexpai, a folding device. Also poorly repairable Zack called all the iPhone 2019.

With regard to strength, the best on thisthe indicator again was Google Pixel 3a. The Redmi Note 7 became the least durable. Its beautiful body is quite easy to break, with little effort. Also, Google Pixel 4 XL showed itself on the bad side.

In addition, Nelson called the most innovative smartphone - a device with two screens Nubia Z20.