Contrary to common sense: Xiaomi promises that its wireless charger Mi Air Charge will charge the smartphone at a distance of meters

Xiaomi today announced in China its new Mi Air Charge wireless charging technology, which

Allows you to charge smartphones without using a wired docking station.

What is known

According to the manufacturer, for Mi Air Charge to workyou need a special device in the form of a box. It uses beamforming technology to send millimeter waves directly to your gadget. The waves, in turn, are converted into electrical energy, which charges the smartphone.

The company says the station has 5 antennas withphase detection. They help you find the location of an apparatus (or compatible device) in a room in milliseconds. In addition, the station also received 144 beam antennas that transmit millimeter waves.

The phone itself is equipped with two antennas.They are similar to those found in a conventional charger, but slightly smaller. The first one communicates with the station, and the second one receives waves and charges the smartphone.

So far, Mi Air Charge can charge severalsmartphones at a short distance with a maximum power of 5 watts. Naturally, in the future, the company plans to improve performance, as well as use the technology for smart speakers, lamps and other smart devices.

When to expect

Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not provide a release date for the Mi Air Charge.

Source: Xiaomi

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