Dangerous virus that causes diarrhea in children can be treated with an edible vaccine

One of the viruses that is a common factor in the onset of diarrhea in young children is adenovirus

intestines - just like many othersadenoviruses, able to pass through the acidic environment of the stomach without splitting. Researcher Lars-Anders Carlson believes that careful study of the pathway of intestinal adenovirus penetration directly into the human gastrointestinal tract will allow finding an optimal and non-invasive way to treat or prevent the occurrence of childhood diarrhea.

“The data we have received allows us to better understandhow the virus enters the gastrointestinal tract. Ongoing research will provide answers to the question: can this property be used to create vaccines that will be, firstly, cheap (which is important for developing countries), and secondly, presented in an edible form, ”said Lars-Anders Carlson.

With advanced cryoelectronicmicroscope, researchers at Umeå University were able to obtain detailed images of intestinal adenovirus - a three-dimensional picture showing the structure of the virus down to the atomic level. As you know, the virus is reliably protected from the point of view of the genome, its envelope. And it, in turn, consists of 2 thousand protein molecules (this is more than 6 million atoms).

Researchers have found that intestinal adenovirusmanages to maintain its structure largely unchanged at the low pH found in the stomach. They also compared it to respiratory adenoviruses in how a particular protein changes in the envelope of the virus, and also obtained new clues to how the virus packs its genome within the envelope. Overall, this information provides a deeper understanding of how the virus manages to move on, causing illness and even death.

“There is hope that the ability of this unpleasanta virus can be turned into a tool for fighting the disease it causes. Perhaps this will even apply with COVID-19. While this is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go before such vaccines appear, ”says Lars-Anders Carlson.

Recall that some of the newer vaccinestested against COVID-19 are also based on genetically modified adenovirus. These vaccines must be administered to the body for them to take effect. If the vaccine is based on intestinal adenovirus, then it can be sold in an edible form. This would, of course, facilitate widespread vaccination.

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