Dead Space creator Glen Scofield was pleased with the remake of his game and thanked EA Motive for their careful attitude to the horror update

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Glen Schofield is the creator of the cult horror Dead Space in 2008.

It was under his leadership that the studio

Visceral Games has created one of the scariest and creepiest games that has become a favorite of millions of gamers for many years and still has not lost its relevance.

The recently released remake breathed new life intoDead Space, but Glen Scoflid has nothing to do with it. He left Electronic Arts a long time ago, and the Visceral Games studio ceased to exist in 2017.

Gamers and critics love the remakefrom EA Motive, but everyone was interested in the reaction of the “father” of horror. And so Glen Scofield expressed his opinion: he thanked everyone who worked on the original game and the remake, and added that the new developers perfectly conveyed the atmosphere of Dead Space, laid down by him. He noted the careful approach to recreating his game and the accuracy of transferring all the nuances of horror.

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