Deliveries of M1A1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine will not disrupt production schedules for other customers

General Dynamics Land System has done everything to ensure that the supply of tanks to Ukraine does not affect the schedule in any way

manufactured by Abrams for other customers. This was announced by US Deputy Secretary of Defense Gabe Camarillo.

What is known

The Pentagon announced last week that it would acceleratetransfer of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The United States will be able to send M1A1 combat vehicles by autumn instead of M1A2, the delivery of which would take more than a year. As it became known, Ukraine will receive Abrams M1A1 SA tanks.

Work on the preparation of combat vehicles for Ukrainewill be held at the General Dynamics Land System plant in Lima, Peru. Gabe Camarillo emphasized that the capacity of the enterprise allows adding 31 tanks without any problems without compromising production.

The US Army and other customers will be able to receive theirAbrams tanks on time. In particular, we are talking about Poland, neighboring Ukraine, which at the beginning of 2023 signed a contract for the supply of 250 M1A2 Abrams SEPv3 tanks.