DFRobot micro: Maqueen Plus - a learning robot for the first steps in programming

Revision gg found today on AliExpress a toy DFRobot micro: Maqueen Plus, which allows children of primary and secondary

schools to master the basics of programming.

What it is

DFRobot micro:Maqueen Plus is a robot based on a micro: bit microcomputer. It is sold in several sets, which differ in accessories, as well as the presence of the microcomputer itself (it is available in 3, 5 and 6 sets). In the basic one, there is only a robot.

The toy supports visual programming languages ​​Mind +, Microsoft MakeCode, as well as HuskyLens AI Vision sensors and the AI ​​robot training tool system.

DFRobot micro works:Maqueen Plus with an engine that makes 160 rpm. It has an encoder and a PID controller. The device is powered by AAA AA batteries. The toy has two RGB indicators. In addition, there is an on-board infrared receive sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, a buzzer, as well as many threaded connections and interfaces. For example, 9 GPIO ports, 3 I2C ports, and 3 servos. The robot comes with detailed instructions describing the assembly and the capabilities of the toy.

How much is

Depending on the kit, you can buy DFRobot micro: Maqueen Plus on AliExpress for $ 50-145.

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