Digitalization of education and tutoring discussed at DID Summer Camp

Innopolis University brought together digital experts for the third time at the Digital Innopolis Days forum. Summer camp past

from June 30 to July 2, brought together representatives of leading Russian universities, heads of sectoral ministries and specialists in the digital economy.

Forum members discussed the use ofthe formation of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and the metaverse, opportunities for the commercialization of the work of universities and tutoring. And representatives of technology startups took part in the intensive student accelerator "StartupHouse Universities".

Innopolis University announces the signing offorum of three cooperation agreements with Russian and Belarusian universities. The scientists also agreed with the Sitronics Group to work together to create innovative equipment and develop programs. In addition, Sitronics Group, together with the Innopolis SEZ, will work on video analytics systems, the creation of microelectronics and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Digital Innopolis Days was held from 2 to 4 for the first timeDecember 2021 at Innopolis University and became the largest Russian forum on digital transformation in education, business and public administration. More than 3 thousand participants and 250 speakers from different countries took part in the December forum. The second meeting was held online: in April, Innopolis University held a conference on digital technologies in education for students and university teachers.

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