Do spiders sleep

Daniela Ressler and her colleagues believe that spiders are actually capable of dozing, just like humans. To this conclusion

they came from a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Discuss

To find out if spiders can sleep, DanielaRessler and her colleagues studied young jumping spiders at night with cameras. Footage from these cameras showed the spiders' legs twitching and their eyes flickering. Scientists believe that this state resembles REM sleep, that is, the phase of rapid eye movement in humans. At this time, a person usually sees dreams.

Previously, it has been scientifically proven that someanimals, including certain birds and mammals, can go into REM sleep. For example, these are cats or dogs, in which, like jumping spiders, their limbs twitch in their sleep.

Also many species of spiders, according to Paul Shamble,co-author of the study and an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University, do not have moving eyes. Therefore, it is difficult to say how the sleep cycles of these spiders differ. But all this does not apply to the jumping spider.