Do you want to look rich but feel bad about spending money? A high-quality fake of the latest Apple Watch Ultra has been released for you

At the autumn presentation, Apple announced a completely new model of smart watches - Apple Watch Ultra.

It received a stronger case and a number of "extreme" features compared to the company's regular watches. At the same time, the Ultra version is quite expensive - $ 799 for the basic version.

Of course, less than a month passed, as craftsmen fromChina has created a high-quality replica of the device at an extremely low price. At first glance, the device is indistinguishable from the original - so Chinese experts diligently reproduced the Apple Watch Ultra.


But, unlike the original model, the Chinese one costs only $35, which is more than 20 times cheaper than the Apple version.

What is most interesting, the replica copies not onlyappearance, but also watchOS - the user can activate Siri, control the iPhone's camera, determine geolocation, and even open smart locks using NFC.